Artist's Statement

My passion as an artist is creating collages. My work draws together events, dreams, stories, and emotions. I approach each new piece as though it were a puzzle. Initially, I combine my selected materials, trusting that an image will emerge. Often the collages surprise me when I am finished working on them. Rather than trying to perceive the finished collage before I begin, I focus instead on the process of bringing order to chaos. This process nudges my emotions, thoughts, and energy to gradually take shape in the visible form of a collage. I create textures with paint, photo fragments, cloth, and other materials including beads and beeswax. I choose the materials not only for how they will work visually in a piece, but also for the meaning and memories attached to them.

My art also reflects my passion for reading. Sometimes a poem or a phrase acts as a starting point for a collage; other times I add words and text cut from old books. I also write as part of my creative process, embedding words in the layers of my mixed media pieces. Many of my collages are personal narratives, attempts to express the emotions surrounding experiences.

Some of my collages are adhered to supports of paper, wood, or canvas, while others are collaged directly onto small boxes and drawers.

Fine art by Rita Yanny